Each card is unique – 
every moment unforgettable!

papercrush Karten

When you open a papercrush pop-up card, you unfold a small, loving 3D world. That makes your eyes wide open and gives you great joy.

Pop up greeting cards have their origins in Kirigami, a traditional Japanese paper art, more precisely: the art of paper cutting. For our papercrush gift cards, we combine kirigami technology with the latest engineering technology to create magical 3D worlds made of paper.

A papercrush pop-up card unfolds its full magic when it is opened: The 3D element inside the gift card then unfolds to its full size - and ensures bright eyes and open mouths. This is how paper turns a special occasion into unforgettable joy.

Each papercrush is a special unique piece - lovingly handcrafted.

Each of our papercrush pop up cards is a unique and lovingly handcrafted in our partner factories in Vietnam. We cut out the individual parts of our 3D maps with a precision laser. This can cut even the smallest details and complicated patterns into the paper - which makes our papercrush cards so delicate.

From then on we put everything together lovingly by hand. Because our 3D folding cards are so detailed and complex that no machine could take on this work. Assembling a single card takes up to 30 minutes. Of course, our paper crushes are manufactured under sustainable, fair and responsible working conditions. We regularly visit our partner factories in Vietnam and see for ourselves the good working conditions on site.

Give the gift of joy with a clear conscience.

And don't forget: With our pop-up cards you can also make the environment happy. Because with every papercrush you buy, you plant a mangrove tree in Madagascar – and thus help with the reforestation of the forests. This way you give the gift of twice as much joy.

As proud Member of 1% for the Planet – an international association of companies – we are committed to giving at least 1% of our sales to environmental protection. And we only use paper from sustainable sources for our paper crushes. That's how it works sustainability (on)!

Open up joy!

Our mission: To provide unforgettable moments of joy with our unique greeting cards. Because you won't quickly forget the moment when you open a papercrush card: every enchanted glow, every glitter in your eyes, every childlike "Wow". Give a very special gift with a papercrush 3D card: A joy to open.