We at papercrush really make everything out of paper:

Flower baskets, wedding cars, kites, bicycles and cruise ships. Our handmade pop up cards comes in all sorts of shapes and colors. And yet we love each papercrush as if it were our only one. After all, they should also be for unique moments care for. For goosebumps and amazed looks. For butterflies in your stomach and sparkles in your eyes.

This is our story.

Hi, we are Maike & Patrick, the founders of papercrush.papercrush Gründer

Our story began with Maike's birthday, for which Patrick simply couldn't find a suitable card. Because Maike has always been enthusiastic about everything made of paper, Patrick knew he needed a very special birthday card to give her a very special joy. But far and wide he only found boring motifs and simple techniques. During a semester abroad in Asia, he learned that there is another way: with extraordinary things 3D Kirigami greeting cards – a traditional Japanese paper art.

Inspired by this, we decided to take the whole thing into our own hands. The result:

papercrush pop up cards that unfold magical worlds made of paper in no time.

A lot has happened since 2017, when we sold our first pop-up card. We are now a team of 9 full of passion for paper art and put all our heart and soul into our papercrushes.

And our maps have also evolved. We have ours from “ordinary” 3D pop up cards unique paper crushes made. With unusual motifs, loving details, high-quality and sustainable paper, state-of-the-art printing technology, and useful special features such as pull-out note card, to make labeling the cards easier.

What has remained the same is ours Passion for paper and our Passion for the very special moments in life. Because that's what we're all about: a wow on your lips. Glitter in the eyes.

A joy to open.