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The Maus® Christmas market Pop-Up Card The Maus® Christmas market Pop-Up Card

Popular figures for special occasions

Discover our lovingly designed, handmade pop-up cards with 3D effect, which bring the well-known figures mouse, elephant and duck from "the show with the mouse". Whether for birthdays, enrollment, get well soon, thank you, Christmas, Mother's Day or just like that - these cards are equally suitable for children and adults and ensure joy on every occasion.

Unique designs for every taste

In this category you will find different cards, suitable for every taste and occasion. Whether as a birthday card, greeting card at the start of school, gift card for Christmas or as a greeting card for recovery requests, the lovingly designed motifs with mouse, elephant and duck are pleased with the hearts of boys, girls, women and men.

High quality materials and manual work

Our handmade cards are made of high-quality and FSC-certified paper. With the latest printing technique, we ensure brilliant colors and bright prints. The filigree individual parts of the 3D cards are cut out with a precision laser, which can even cut the smallest details and complicated patterns into the paper. Then we put together the cards in a loving manual work so that a unique and high -quality product is created.

A special gift for every occasion

With a handmade pop-up card that shows the popular characters mouse, elephant and duck, you put a smile in the face of every recipient. The maps leave a lasting impression in children and adults.

Create memories with mouse, elephant and duck

Give away not only a lovingly designed present with our handmade pop-up cards, but also a piece of childhood memories and nostalgia. The figures mouse, elephant and duck accompanied and inspired generations of children and adults. With one of our cards you can pass on this joy and create nice memories together.