Give away moments of happiness without knowing how and where our paper crushes are made? That doesn't work for us. Sustainability, transparency and environmental protection are a matter of course for us. We keep our impact as small as possible so that you can give away carefree moments of happiness with a clear conscience.

You buy a card - we plant trees.

With your purchase you support them Reforestation of mangrove forests on Madagascar. More than 200.000 Mangrovenbäume we have already planted. To achieve this, we work with the internationally renowned reforestation network Eden Reforestation Projects together. You can see the current number of trees we have planted at any time on the Our partner's website recall.

Mangrove trees are true climate protectors and store around three to five times as much CO2 as a tree in our latitude - a total of around 300 kg during their lifespan of around 25 years. In addition, the aquatic roots of the trees serve as an important breeding ground, nursery and habitat for many rare fish, reptiles, birds and even land-dwelling mammals. The trees further protect the coastline from erosion and land loss.

Our trees are growing Madagascar planted in structurally severely underdeveloped and impoverished regions by the local population. The workers receive one fair income and a permanent job. This not only allows them to afford everyday necessities such as food, shelter, clothing and medicine, but also means they do not have to destroy their environment in order to survive, e.g. B. by cutting down trees for construction, fuel, heating and agriculture.

We use paper from responsible sources.

Our papercrushes are made from high-quality paper that we produce as sustainably as possible. The paper for our papercrushes comes from FSC-certified forests and/or recycled material as well as material from controlled sources. At least 70% of FSC-certified or post-consumer recycled material is used or at least an equivalent amount is used in the production process to produce the paper for our paper crushes.

We manufacture under fair and responsible working conditions.

Hand on it: Every papercrush is handmade. We cut out the individual parts of our cards with a laser machine. From then on we put everything together lovingly by hand. Of course, under sustainable, fair and responsible working conditions in our factories in Vietnam. We know the manufacturers we work with personally and have seen for ourselves the fair working conditions on site. Of course, we pay our manufacturers and workers fair prices for their demanding work. Putting together a papercrush is delicate manual work and takes up to 30 minutes.

Where we need to get better.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work completely without plastic: so that our paper crushes don't get damaged on their journey to Germany and stay dry, they are currently packed in a transparent and recyclable plastic film - until we find a better alternative. We have already looked at many other options - from cellophane to bioplastics made from corn or potato starch such as PLA plastics. Unfortunately, these alternatives also have disadvantages: They require a lot of land space and energy for cultivation and can only be broken down using special processes in industrial composting plants. Many composting plants are not equipped for this - with the result that the waste ends up in the incineration plant as residual waste.

Find out more about our partner Eden Projects

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